What’s Covered in a Thorough Car Service?

Taking your car for a thorough service is very important. Many car owners often neglect servicing for a long time, and this could become a major problem later on. If you want to maintain your car properly and keep it running smoothly, you should definitely consider taking it for a service at least once in every four to six months, especially if you drive around regularly. If you take your car on your daily commute and average at least 10-20 kilometres during the day, you should go for a service at least once in every three to four months. Regular servicing can considerably improve the performance of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly.

Most people are still quite confused about what’s covered in a car service in Canberra. There are numerous service stations around the city that you can visit if you want to get your car serviced. Most car servicing stations usually provide customers with a series of different options, ranging from cheap servicing packages to a comprehensive package that covers each and everything. Here are just a few things that are covered within a thorough car service.

Exterior Cleaning and Polishing

Over the passage of time, the exterior of your vehicle will become quite dirty. Dust and grime will continue to settle on the surface and it will ultimately end up dulling the paint job. Your car will soon begin to look much older than it actually is. When you first take in your car for a thorough service, the company will wash the exterior carefully from top to bottom. The first wash will be a simple water wash, after which they will use a standard car shampoo to get rid of any hardened materials that get stuck on the surface. Once the car has been properly cleaned, they are going to apply a polish on the surface in order to brighten the colours. By the time the exterior is serviced and polished, your car will look as good as new.

Interior Cleaning

Once the exterior has been cleaned, the servicemen will turn their attention to the interior. You may not realise it, but there is likely to be a lot of dirt and droppings in between the small space underneath the car seat. The servicemen will remove all of the mats from the vehicle and will vacuum the carpets thoroughly to remove all droppings and items that are stuck on the carpets.

They are also going to apply a varnish on the dashboard in order to clean the dust and debris that often gets stuck on top of it. The interior cleaning job will probably take much more time as compared to the exterior cleaning, so you have to be patient.

Component Cleaning

The servicemen will also use compressed air in order to clean the components under the bonnet and the engine as well. They will apply lubricant in order to make sure that the water doesn’t cause any harm to the internal components.